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ATtiny26 development board


Development boards save time otherwise spent wiring up AVRs on breadboards and then pulling them up to make space and then re-wiring them up again later on. This board already has best practice support components around the AVR such as the noise and static protection on RESET and the bypass capacitor for the AVR power supply, which greatly improves the accuracy of the ADC.

A photo of an ATtiny26 development board (component side)

This board also supports ATtiny261, ATtiny461 and ATtiny861. The top silk has been put on with the toner-transfer technique.

Schematic of an ATtiny26 development board

A photo of an ATtiny26 development board (solder side)


✝ for ATtiny?61 parts only


Revision 2 is laid out for a 20-pin ZIF socket, is easier to fabricate with fewer 0Ω links and has two TTL-level RS232 connectors. The clearances of all pins and vias have been set to 3500 mils and the drill holes set to 1500 mils regardless of the actual diamater of the pins. This helps to aim the drill bit for construction at home.


The archive contains a gschem schematic and a single-sided pcb layout.